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Seminar “Engineering Education: From School to Production” took place at Ayb School

With the aim of using practical methods in education, a scientific and practical seminar entitled “Engineering Education: From School to Production” took place at Ayb School on May 13.

The aim of the seminar was to help teachers to increase the interest and participation of students in engineering, information technology, robotics, physics and mathematics by using the technologies of LEGO® Education.

The event started with the plenary session, during which David Sahakayan, the executive director of the Ayb Educational Foundation, Ralph Yirikian, the General Manager of VivaCell-MTS, Olga Lombas, the head of Lego Education in Russia and CIS, and Ruben Harutyunyan, the president of the Creative Educational Technologies, had welcome speeches.

According to David Sahakyan, the 21st century education should enable children to learn to solve problems and conduct experiments: “It needs to develop children’s creative skills, motivate and guide them. Such events are aimed to improve educational processes in schools.”

“In nowadays’ rapidly changing world it is very important to keep up with the progress in all spheres, including technology. This can be achieved by introducing innovative and creative methods of teaching at school and making children familiar with the opportunities and advantages of technological solutions. VivaCell-MTS is supporting this initiative as it contains aspects that are priority for the development of the country – education, technological advancement and innovative thinking”, noted VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.

After the speeches, master classes were held for elementary and middle school teachers.

Along with the seminar, there was an exhibition of the educational solutions of LEGO Education.

The organizers of the event were the Ayb Educational Foundation, Creative Educational Technologies and LEGO Education. The partners of the seminar were the Ministry of Education and Science, and VivaCell-MTS.