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Built upon curriculum standards for mathematics, the MoreToMath Curriculum Pack 1 -2 aids educators in first and second grade in creating engaging lessons focused on mathematical problem-solving. Teacher’s Notes and intuitive Student Worksheets for 48 lessons are provided along with a learning grid aligning activities to key national standards and objectives, integrated assessment tools, inspiration for differentiation, extension ideas, and training videos for teachers.

Also included is the MathBuilder interactive whiteboard software, which enables educators to bring math lessons to life for the entire class. A digital building tool inside the software encourages students to share their problem-solving solutions, further promoting communication and collaboration skills.

Key Learning Values:

• Strengthens students’ understanding of the competencies of mathematical problem solving, including making sense of problems, reasoning, perseverance, precision, modeling and representation.
• Reinforces math competency learning through hands-on activities across the areas of numeracy, operations in base 10, algebraic thinking, measurement , data, geometry and spatial awareness.
• Improves problem solving and mathematical thinking skills through working collaboratively as well as individually.
• Integrates the use of digital tools via the MathBuilder interactive whiteboard software.

2045210 MoreToMath Curriculum Pack 1-2

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