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Educational technology

Educational technology – is the model and the actual process of implementation of the integrated educational activities, which include individual and group, information and diagnoses, organizational-paced, spiritual, humanitarian and motivational-management components.The word technology: comes from the Greek words: «techne» – art, skill, ability, and «logos» – science, law.

Literally, technology is science of skill.

Modern educational technologies are used to realize cognitive and creative activity of the student in the learning process, which make it possible to improve the quality of education and to use study time more efficiently.

«LEGO® Education» provides a wide range of educational teaching technologies, which are used in the educational process. Innovative educational technologies are interrelated, interdependent and form a specific didactic system, aimed at the education of values such as openness, mutual support, providing the learning needs of each student according to their individual characteristics. As well as enriching the teaching of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

LEGO® Education through play and cooperation develops skills of students, such as:

  • Performance;
  • Ability to work;
  • Assertiveness;
  • Persistence and attention.